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Business Innovation

Conceptualizing strategies bringing digital innovation for the part of the largest bank

in Latin America responsible for big fortunes and corporations.


UX designer





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What I did

  • I was the designer responsible for planning the design process for business innovation in a cross sectors initiative inside the bank. It pursued digitalizing existing services to become more competitive and updated.

  • Methodologies I applied: Design thinking for Design and research planning, creative workshops design and facilitation, interview script and users interviews, user flows, concept testing, and Wireframing.

  • People training.

The project

Due NDA agreements I am not able to give deep details about this project publicly.

But I can give more detail about my work there and the impact.

Main achievments

Design culture



Stablished design culture, improving communication between cross sectors inside the bank, bringing research and innovative problem-solving methodologies as standard.


Trained an engineer in UX methodologies who later became the UX manager from their upcoming UX and Research department.

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For more details, please contact me!

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