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I am a lifelong learner, full
of creative energy
, curiosity,
and empathy.

I am a Product Designer with 8+ years of experience with the career goal of expanding my international career with multicultural teams.
Both my verbal and visual communication skills help to bring visibility and agility as I team up with PMs, POs, Designers, and software engineers to deliver cohesive and user-centered digital solutions.


My work is based on my belief in changing the world by helping to build tools and design flows that empower people to change their reality, fight complexity, and democratize information.

In my spare time, I enjoy rolling skating, dancing, playing the uke, painting, cooking, enjoying friends, and learning new things.


Ligia Menezes

Scrum Master

"Do you know that person/professional you are happy to have around? That it's Luciana. As a person, extremely polite, kind, empathetic, caring, generous and much more. As a professional, extremely focused, creative, committed, concerned and everything that is expected of an excellent professional. Luciana is exemplary both as a person and as a professional and it was a great pleasure to work on the same project as her!"


Pamela Carvalho

Product Owner

"In the emersions about the product, you always brought a lot of clarity and visual details that were essential for the conclusion.

You are a sensational person, easy to work with and who involves not only the PO but the team in the construction of everything, be it layout, ideation or anything else."


Giulliano Peixoto

QA analyst

"In technical terms, I can say that you demonstrate deep knowledge and mastery of your skills, including the handling of diagram/design tools. Another positive highlight is your ability to communicate and articulate to bring the team and those involved in the project a better understanding."

What people say about working with me

- Feedbacks was collected with Workaday in Jan 2022.

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