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Enterprise Software

Improving workflow by reducing manual actions and redesigning corporate software

for the most extensive private sanitation company in Brazil.


Product Designer





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What I did

  • I was responsible for leading the design process for the part of the software that analysts used to filter millions of data and strategize planning final customer registration updates. It was the main project of the quarter estimating several million back in revenue.

  • I applied design methodologies for discovering, validating, and designing new interfaces and filters. Some other design deliverables were: User interviews, User Journey, Jobs to be done, Card sorting, Software mapping, Wireframes, Interface Design, and Usability testing. 

  • I worked close to the PO, becoming a key collaborator, and aligning tech solutions directly with stakeholders, software engineers, and architects.


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Select and apply the best methodologies to collect data form business and users.

Group 8 (1).png


Analyse, compile and filter collected data and insights from discovery.

Group 5 (1).png


Develop new hypothesis for solutions, conceptualizing and validating.

Group 14.png


Deliver the best solutions, testing with business and users and validating tech viability.

The project

Due NDA I am not able to give deep details about this project publicly.

But I can give more detail about my work there and the impact it had.

Main numbers

Work optimization


Reduction of time

in the workflow.

Nationwide impact

Million of data


All Brazilian States


Data transmited in every


Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 19.31.42.png
Frame 22.png

For more details, please contact me!

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