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Boas vindes



Boas vindes was an internal project where we reviewed and redesigned our employee experience.

Corporate culture in the midst of a pandemic

Sensorama is a design consultancy focused on UX, strategy design, and service design and has been in the market for seven years. Our growth was exponential and metamorphic and we reached a point where we needed to overhaul the house. The pandemic came and froze many projects and after the initial shock, we saw the opportunity to review our internal processes, which had not yet been fully scaled up with the expansion of the team. 

We designed amazing experiences for our clients and now we had all resources to look inside at our own team.

How we redesigned our employee experience

We split the employee experience into three macro steps to be able to understand it deeper. In order to do so, we applied the same design process that we help our clients with, researching in-depth, defining strategies and priorities, carrying them out through prototypes, collecting feedbacks, and validating in a cycle of evolution.

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We started backward taking the first step with retention. Since the whole team was at home, it was a good time to hear what was going well and where we could exceed their expectations by improving the reality within the company. During the years the company had experienced a quite high turnover so we conducted interviews with former and current employees to understand better what reasons led people to leave or remain in the company.


We discovered some pain points and insights,

The main ones were related to internal communication, which is a consulting team divided into two states, with employees traveling constantly and staying allocated in clients, ended up having some gaps. 

Due to the dynamic routine, many employees felt distant from each other in a very new pre-pandemic team, and with the Home office stated, this feeling was intensified.

We later proceeded to the application of a card sorting activity with the whole team to get what was more urgent to them, then presented the results to the stakeholders and prioritized together our next steps, placing them on a matrix of impact and effort in order to continue the project.

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Analyzing results, tracing strategies and prioritizing actions to improve employees daily routine.

The first action taken focused on increasing communication and team interaction with the creation of 20-minute daily and weekly happy hours. After two weeks of testing and feedback, we made a vote and decided to move the daily to a little earlier in the morning to avoid calendar conflicts and opted for a monthly happy hour.

In addition to these current events, we had Sensotalks, an internal project where we exchange knowledge from different areas and also created a group of discussions on diversity matters.

In our prioritization, we still highlighted that it could be very rich to bring a complementary work of analysis of values ​​to the team and the company, and this work is in progress along with other internal initiatives.


In the second mapped stage, we address our onboarding. Through interviews and a current journey, we observed that information sometimes took time to arrive on a daily basis and since we did not have a single person in charge, the process was spontaneous and depended on many variables. In general, it was positive, so we wanted to assign this task to a different person in every hiring but keeping a flexible process because the routine in a consultancy is different for each person.

After market research and many interviews, we opted for communication through a presentation, which could be sent by email after hiring and consulted in case of doubts whenever necessary.

Within this material, it is essential to make the newcomer feel welcome, safe, and part of the team. We also sought to resolve the doubts that arose in the interviews, such as the company's vision, career progression, and workflow.

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The finished Guia Senso, our MVP for onboarding.

The guide is the first contact with the company culture, having to reflect on language and communication who we are, how we work and where we are going together.

We made a new prioritization of content with the whole team and organized the structure visually based on our new identity developed by our branding partner agency MOVE.



For recruitment, we made extensive research about all the soft and hard skills required by companies we were inspired for each position we had in the consultancy.


After a massive collection and filter of data, we proceeded to rewrite all jobs application form descriptions.

A bank of resumes was also created and we reviewed the entire interview journey process including touchpoints, communication, and selection processes.

There was a special look on how to hire more diverse people, interviewing our team and other people of interest, elaborating a report of good practices and next steps.

Online employee journey: including communication rulers and actions for each step.

Final Thoughts

This was a great project to get to know better my coworkers and to understand how human resources can have a huge impact inside a company.


It was very challenging dealing with sensitive personal information and filtering it into insights, but we managed it with respect and discretion, getting great results translating pain points into actionable tasks and solutions that improved people's lives and resulted in stronger teamwork.

This is a project that will evolve with the company and with employees' feedbacks, iterating new processes, improving, and adapting. It was a solid start and has all potential to follow the company's growth from now.